A Continuous Fundraiser

Quit Worrying About Raising Money:



What’s the difference?

The James Clemens Apparel Store is a continuous fundraiser for sports teams & clubs. Fundraisers are a little bit different then the regular items carried in the store for a few reasons.

When you run a fundraiser all the items that you decide to sell are all custom made designs and apparel made just for your fundraiser. The items will only be items you helped create so you know you’ll sell the most items. You’ll be able to create the coolest gear on campus for you students, families, fans, and more!

When you run a fundraiser an even higher percentage of the total sales will be donated back to your team or club. The more items you are able to sell through your fundraiser the more your team or club will be able to raise. Our program allows you to make up to $10 per every item sold!

how it works


It’s An Easy Process:

  1. You work with 5Boys Screen Printing & Embroidery to create a catalog of items that you would like to sell. Together, you will create custom designs and items that you think will sell and that your students, family, fans, and more would want to wear proudly.
  2. Once you’ve created your catalog of items, the James Clemens Apparel website will create a section in the store for people to purchase the items. You will also get hard copies of order forms so your students can take orders whichever way your customers prefer. 
  3. Once everything is created and ready we run the sale for however long you would like to run it for. Once the sale is complete we place the order all together at one time.
  4. Once the order is placed items from the fundraiser are no longer available for purchase. 
  5. Once the order is placed your items will be delivered to the school for everyone to pick up. 5Boys will have each of the items sorted to make it as easy as possible for you.  
  6. You get the check for your portion of the sales to help ensure your team or club is properply funded for the year!

Custom Designs

All designs are created just for your fundraiser!

Current Fundraisers


Get Started:

Getting Started is Easy:

To learn more about getting started on a fundraiser please call 256.656.6797 or send us an email!

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